On Monday, Aug. 9, 2021, the Senate Budget Committee released its budget resolution for fiscal year 2022. The bill will serve as the foundation for the broad, sweeping spending bill that Democrats and President Biden hope to pass this fall. The bill aims to fulfill many of the promises made by the administration related to climate, healthcare, education, childcare, and additional infrastructure funding.

The Senate will start debating and vote on the topline numbers and policy this week. The budget resolution and the subsequent legislation drafted according to the resolution only needs a majority of the members in the House and Senate to pass. This will be the second time in 2021 Democrats use the budget reconciliation to process significant legislation.

Read more on McGuireWoods Consulting’s website for a list of the topline priorities published by Senate Democrats that they want included in the 2022 budget reconciliation bill, including funding for families, climate, infrastructure, jobs and healthcare.